Hire Our Space

Where are we:

Heal 4 Life is located at 15A/8181 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why, short 5 minute walk from Dee Why. Heal 4 Life is situated on a prime location and is a first floor therapy space. 

We offer:

 A fully furnished extra-large room (50sqm). 

Private waiting room, (no receptionist), eft facility, toilet and kitchenette (fridge/microwave, water filter) within the clinic space. 

30 minute to all Day Street parking available in the back streets of Dee Why.

The location, the size of Heal 4 Life, the natural light are unique and offer a welcoming, warm and light environment to practice from. (Suitable for one-on-one, group work and workshops).

Waiting Room and Room Divider
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Paintings on the Wall
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