Heal 4 Life

Sophie Lamb

In over 17 years in the Beauty Industry Sophie has worked in many different environments. Through Sophie’s experience she has developed a style to all her treatments which shines through her knowledge and passion for making people look and feel fabulous.

Specialising in many things it’s her unique Manuka Honey Signature Facial Treatment that makes Sophie’s treatments stand out from the rest. Sophie’s Facial treatments are not just about the face. Sophie’s approach gives her clients a whole-body experience both physically and mentally giving an overall sense of wellbeing.

Sophie can cater to all skin conditions with her two Beauty ranges - Skin Deep -a Manuka Honey based range, and Indio - a Cosmeceutical- AHA’s based range.

 Both ranges are designed for Australian and New Zealand climates therefore being perfect to resolve any concerns you have with your skin from our environment.

Sophie can cater to all areas of skin treatments:

  • Facial Treatments – Peels, Manuka Honey, Deluxe
  • Waxing
  • Tinting
  • Manicures/ Pedicure
  • Massage- Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Therapy
  • Full Body Wraps and Exfoliants
  • Makeup

Come and experience Sophie’s one on one treatments and become one of her very valued clientele.

Sophie Lamb Beauty Therapy

Lisa Shea

Lisa first committed to her interest in Oriental culture back in 1995 when she went on student exchange to Tokyo, Japan. She had no idea that this culture would guide and shape her career direction in natural therapies.

Since 2005 Lisa has practised/instructed Japanese meridian yoga, Zen Shiatsu, meditation and acupuncture. She also incorporates the use of Young Living essential oils and EFT (emotional freedom technique) into her every day, when caring for herself and her young family.

Lisa has taught in studios, homes and corporations all over Sydney’s CBD, north shore and northern beaches. Currently Lisa is co-owner of Pacha Yoga at the Heal 4 Life centre, Dee Why.

Pacha Yoga translates to earth yoga. The main tenet of Pacha Yoga is that change is the only constant – from this we follow the seasons with the appropriate, therapeutic yoga movements to support our health & well-being. For example, in Winter we strengthen and lengthen the spine, by moving the kidney & bladder meridians. Our yoga is like choosing a scarf to wear in winter and a sunhat for the summer.

Pacha Yoga’s focus is the people in the class not the actual yoga “pose”. So even if you have a bad back or you think you aren’t strong or flexible enough – these are EXACTLY the reasons to come in for a class. Absolutely no yoga experience is required here.

Our classes are 45mins to 1 hour long. Pacha Yoga is for busy bodies of the northern beaches.